Virtual Summer Dinner

Friday, 17th July 2020 at 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Location: In the Ether or Your Back Garden

This event is in the past.

Hi Folks,

So we can't yet physically meet up for a summer dinner as a club. But we can hold a virtual dinner.

So the plan of the dinner is as follows.

We have 3 courses; Starter, Mains and Dessert

We will have 3 cusine types; Meat, Vegetarian and Vegan.

We will conduct the Virtual Summer Dinner by Zoom. We start each course at a pre-set time with a short quiz/fun event 5-10 minutes then it is down to eating, chatting and drinking. The suggested menu with timings is set out below.

Depending on the weather we could be outside or inside. Outside would be great if the weather is OK, but we appreciate everyone may not have a garden etc. If you want to meet up in groups please do obey the current rules/guidance that are in force in your location for numbers (and remember you will probably have to use the inside facilities!) on the day of the summer dinner. Sorry for folks living in the Leciester City area, but I guess the re-imposed restrictions could still be in place - C'est La Vie I'm afraid.

Dress will be come as you like, but some of us will be dressing up.

It should be fun, so please sign yourself up and do book off Friday 17th July in your diaries.

Menu & Course Times

We've chosen a simple menu - all dishes are designed so that you can make them evening before or during the day. We've selected some recipes from BBC Good Food - but they are just suggestions - please feel free to choose your own dishes:

1st Course - Homemade Hummus - Start 7:30 P.M with Quiz Round 1
Chorizo & Red Pepper Hummus
Pepper & Walnut Hummus
Carrot Hummus

Main Course - Chilli - Start 20:00 with Quiz Round 2
Meaty Chilli
Vegan Chilli
Black Bean Chiili with Veggie Toppings

Dessert - Chocolate Pudding - Start 20:45 with Final Mega Quiz Question
Chocolate Chia Pudding
Chocolate Mousse

We will send out the Zoom Link Next Weekend with a reminder on Thursday 16th July


Andy Railton


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